Project Description
RestrictionModue makes life easier that secure your or sharepoint site content, pages or documents when authorization restrictions or standart restrictions are not enough. Its developed in c# 3.5.

What is Restriction Module

Restriction module is an open source project based on a httpmodule that alternatively provide security to your web applications. You can define rules that protect your pages,contents or documents. Use more flexible restrictions using power of regular expression than forms authentication web.config options.You can change security settings in runtime. And no need to recycle application or no extra down time .

Configuration of Restriction Module

• Add Module Definition:
Add this key below to your web.config file: configuration/system.web/httpModules
<add name="RestrictionModule" type="RestrictionModuleApp.RestrictionModule, RestrictionModuleApp,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=be23a05ec1781ff6" />
• Add switch key:
Add belowed key to configuration/appSettings
<add key="RestrictionModuleActive" value="On" />
İf value is on means module is active off means inactive.
• Copy Restriction.xml to your application path

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